The Beauty of Geelong that you may never know
03/03 2017
Author: FCG Admin

Does it sound so attractive if you could enjoy the beach and sunshine on weekdays?

Thanks to the good weather, this week, we drove to the second largest city in Victoria —- Geelong, to experience a different view.

Maybe you have ever heard of this city because of its prosperous tourism industry. However, except that, do you know anything else?


What you have known

Let’s start with what you may already know.


To most people, the first impression of Geelong may be the beautiful beach and those colorful Baywalk Bollards. With various aquatic sports and the amazing water park, there is no doubt that Geelong can be the best road trip choice for most of the Melbournians.


The Geelong Waterfront Campus of Deakin University is also here surrounded by the unrivalled sea view. Not only offering world-class education in engineering, architecture, environment and law, but also providing extra points on immigration purpose, Geelong also attracts more and more International students.

In addition to the institutions of higher education, another famous institution is the British classical royal aristocratic school —- Geelong Grammar School, where Prince Charles also spent some school time here.


As the top aristocratic school, the uniforms are tuxedo and English style dress. Students are learning classical literature, equestrian and fencing, with a separate equestrian center in the campus of Geelong.


There are around 2000 students now in the school. Although the tuition fee is expensive, with the first-class facilities and the most prestigious British royal education system, it still attracts outstanding students around the whole world.


What you do not know


To most people, the impression of Geelong is quite limited. However, the following information should include some other areas of Geelong that you may never hear of.

Countless festival and events

Some may think that Geelong is just a small city, with nothing to do but the sea. But in fact, there are various activities around the whole year.


In February, Pako Festival was held here, which has 34 years’ history since 1983. More than 45 different cultural representatives have performed, attracting more than 100,000 people during the last three years, which is enough to reflect cultural diversity and comprehensiveness of this city.


To people who live in Geelong, one of their in common characteristics is loving sports. For example, there are over 20 golf courses. The 2017 Oates Vic Open, made the world-class golf players and enthusiasts get together.



The Festival of Sailing with over 173 year’s history is also held in Geelong every year, which is also a good opportunity for you to enjoy.


As for the International Aircraft Show in March, it is also held in the Avalon airport, which is not far from Geelong. What’s more, the Avalon airport is the second largest airport in Melbourne, which is very convenient to take flights to Sydney.

Unlimited Opportunities

In fact, as the second largest city in Victoria, Geelong is also the largest wool distribution center, wool textile industry center and meat processing industry center in Australia. With the economic development, Geelong keeps attracting industry transfer and business investment with its position advantage in close to Melbourne.


Not only the foundation of the largest clothing chain company — Cotton On and the headquarter of TAC, but also some other companies such as WorkSafe Association, are moving into Geelong. In the next ten years, the opportunities of business development must have unlimited potential.


The upcoming Geelong Convention & Exhibition Center will also attract more business meetings with its advanced facilities and venues.

Future Medical Center

Geelong is less known for its medical advantage. As the second largest city in Victoria, Geelong government is actively attracting excellent medical professionals and is committed to creating the second largest medical center in addition to Melbourne.

There are three major hospitals in Geelong, which are Geelong Hospital, Geelong Private Hospital and St. John’s Hospital. In addition, there are many medical clinics and specialist medical institutions here. Graduates from the Medical School of the University of Melbourne School are required to work in Geelong for one year, and some specialists will also come to do the internship form Melbourne.


Why invest in Geelong?

If the facts above are not enough to convince you to invest in Geelong, the following data is not deceptive.

Population Growth

As the second largest city in Victoria, the population is about 229,000 by 2015, with the population density of 1.84 per hectare.


The population of Geelong is about 239,003 in 2017, and it is expected that by 2036 the population will rise to 320,791, with a growth rate of 34.22%.


As for the composition of Geelong’s population, it is expected that in 2026, there will be 24.9% young people and 23.7% workers respectively, and 52.7% of the composition will be retired population. Therefore, we can foresee that the population growth will bring steady accommodation demand to Geelong.


House Prices Increase

In order to solve the problem of less housing affordability in Melbourne, the government is looking for solutions to maximize the development of suburban economy. “Places like Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Latrobe Valley should catch up with the pace of development in Melbourne,” said Richard Wynne, the director of Planning Office.

According to the REIV statistics, comparing the house price of Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong from September to December in 2016, only the housing price in Geelong rose significantly, with a growth rate of 5.9%, exceeding far more than the other two cities.


And on the other side, because of the strong tourism needs, you could find that the short stay accommodation in Geelong are also expensive, not to mention events period or holidays.

Therefore, all the information makes us believe the future investment potential in Geelong.

The choice we can bring to you

Because of the lifestyle

We choose Geelong

Because of the future unlimited investment potential

We choose Geelong

As what we have described

Travel and leisure

Education Center

Medical Center

Business Center

Will be the new image of this city

With the best location in this city of the future

We will launch a highly competitive property

With 15 floors of the highest building

Sitting with 270 degrees sea view, natural sea water pool


Hundred meters walk to the train station

Take the V line to Melbourne

Deakin University, Westfield Shopping Center, Convention Center

All within close proximity, satisfying your needs

Breaking News

And today (3rd March), the Victoria government decided to increase the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 in the regional areas of Victoria (including Geelong), won’t you feel excited?

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