[ACEF Annual Meeting] Education starts with love, soft hearts will change China
01/11 2016
Author: FCG Admin

On November 1st Melbourne Cup Day, ACEF annual meeting sponsored by FCG held successfully at Ruffey Lake Park.

At 7am, all the staffs arrived and arranged banners, food and drink.

The annual meeting included four parts.  The summary report of ACEF, the wagyu beef BBQ, the charity bazaar for WEHI and the selling of BCY scarfs to support Amaze.

ACEF: 2016 Financial Report


Since 2014, ACEF was established to raises funds for designated projects with the motto “Education — A Journey Starts with Love”. During 2016, ACEF successfully raised funds for one-to-one child sponsorship and organise member’s visit to Xiushui, and successfully raise funds for Free-lunch Project.

Next year, ACEF will support to construct the seventh Jingrong Primary School in Yunnan Province.

The Honour President, Xiaoqi Ding, shared her experiences about her visit to Xiushui. She believes everyone’s heart has a soft place which is willing to share to the community. Though one’s power is negligible, the big efforts can be made if we bring it together.

ACEF Scholarship to Support WEHI


Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research is a well-known institute in Australia. To provide more opportunities for Chinese students’ exchange studying, ACEF decided to establish the scholarship to support WEHI InSPIRE project. The representatives of WEHI also attended the annual meeting and gave a speech.

In order to raise funds for WEHI, we organized a charity bazaar on the site. People donated all kinds of goods for auction including coffee machine, massager, AirFryer and wagyu beef.

Selling BCY Scarfs to Support Amaze


In Australia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affect around 1 in every 100-110 people and impact on an individual’s ability to communicate, socialise and think imaginatively.

Bi Changyi, who is a talented artist with ASD, was known for his imaginative paintings. This time, ACEF decided to sell scarfs with BCY’s painting, and all the income will be donated to Amaze Autism – Autism Support in Victoria.

Wagyu Beef BBQ


In order to thank our guests, FCG provided the guests with the top level Wagyu Beef and invited the professional Japanese cook Kaz to barbecue the Wagyu Beef for our guests in person.


FCG volunteers worked hard to service our guests. We were delighted to see everyone’s smile.

Education starts with love, and soft hearts will change China. In the coming year, we are going to stick together and try our best to make more changes.