03/05/2016 Scheme Centuries 2016 – FCG Annual Graduate Program
31/05 2016
Author: FCG Admin
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FCG annual graduate program started with the information session at Deakin Edge, Federation Square on May 3rd.

People who wanted to seize the opportunity and challenge themselves were not stopped by the rainy and windy weather.

The general manager Isabelle Huang, Marketing Coordinator Alice Liu and Sales Consultant Louis Liu gave speeches and shared their stories in FCG.

After the speech, we received more than 130 resumes. And the information session last to the last minute of the closing hour.

As we promised, we arranged FCG Professionals’ Talk in four different areas and provided you with the opportunities to talk directly with the professionals.

Topic 1. How to be professional in work as professionals?

—- the ten-years experiences architect from Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Topic2. The Big Company focus on your ability not your background

—- Asia Business Manager from ANZ

Topic 3. How to stand out from the rat race of accounting graduates?

—-Senior Managers from Pitcher Partners

Topic 4. Be sales first if you are interested in property

—-Executive from Bensons Groups

After three rounds of interviews, the shortlisted interviewers started their Graduate Program journey including training sessions and site-run tour.

After training, interviewers were divided into groups and prepared for the final presentation of Project Case Study. Our FCG leaders also put all of their efforts to help their groups.

During the whole month, we went through three rounds of interviews, two-weeks training and four Professionals’ Talks together. We were happy to see the incredible potential that you presented, and looking forward to build a bright future with you.