Elm & Stone
Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008

Loft apartment is a lifestyle, a dream and the attitude of being unique. No need to mention how you can take advantages of the higher ceiling and more spacious indoor feeling, the well organised space will actually help you to arrange your life in order.

To sleep in the place with a sleepy environment, to work in the space with sorted functions, to host a small party in the place free to stand and sit down, this is the perfect home for a young person or a young couple. Loft is just so attractive thanks to its unique design as well as its affordability.

Next to the harbour, it is also another feature you would love to know. You can walk to harbour town shopping centre, tram stops to city, convenience stores and fancy restaurants along the waterfront. What’s more, a few steps away, you will see the firework from the other side of the sea.

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