Property Investment Solutions
We create a unique way of thinking.
Based on empiricism and pragmatism, this way of thinking is a set of multi-win cooperation principles that suits modern city the most. After going through the rise and fall of real estate industry in Australia, our professional team, formed by practitioners with more than 40 years of experience within the industry, eight-star builders and designers, probes into people’s basic needs in residential properties with this particular way of thinking, assisting our customers make correct investment decisions.

We insist on Multi-Win:

  • Win for the property investors: we are harsh on selecting investment projects. As the result of our careful review of developers and comprehensive study of location, quality, management, rental yields of each property, every project chosen by us is the perfect combination of liveability, rentability and potentiality, making sure that investors’ benefits are maximized. Therefore, instead of choosing costly CBD projects with terrible quality and very limited investment value, we focus on high quality apartments and townhouses adjacent to CBD area, outer supplemented by suburban houses which are convenient in transportation and promising in investment, offering investors with plenty of choices to build up a perfect investment portfolio.
  • Win for the developers: our high standards on selecting developers and projects ensure that we are fully confident when recommending projects to customers, which is in turn bring to developers benefits they deserve.
  • Win for the company: as a professional investment consultant agency, we believe that the satisfaction of our investors, developers and other partners will surely create a good reputation and credibility for FCG and become the driving force for the development of a successful company.