Our people
Ian Chen
Ian was one of the professional managers when McDonalds just launched its first restaurant in mainland China in 1990s. He worked as the first store manager and regional operation manager at that time. Under his outstanding leadership, he leaded 7 restaurants reached the McDonalds highest sales record in worldwide for few times. He then studied his Master of Business Administration degree at Massey University and ran a chained operation business and an internet consulting company in China after he finished his study. However, Ian decided to resolutely sell the enterprises in China and came to Australia in 2005 to reunite ...
Malcolm Finlay
License Holder
Over 40 years experience in Australia's real estate industry gives Malcolm the knowledge and wisdom that are priceless. Having gone through the ups and downs of the industry, Malcolm understands how a company could survive and thrive through the tough times. His guidance has contributed enormously to the team.
John Griffin
development Director
John calls what he does "building homes" rather than "developing land". John has a passion in building new communities in Melbourne's most liveable suburbs and watching families starting their new life in a brand new neighbourhood. John is truly the expert in house and land package development.
Michael Ye
Property Manager & Senior Property Investment Consultant
Michael is the walking "history book" of Melbourne. He can always amaze you by telling the stories from 20 years ago till now. Therefore, the experience he had brings him the most valuable knowledge of real estate market. He himself has invested quite a few properties that he proves his forecast of the trend. Michael is also a nice and friendly friend to everyone in FCG. He is the most popular leader voted by our trainees in 2016. Michael has taken up Property Manager role in 2017 , with his years of experience in real estate industry he ensure all our client's property performs at its best and delivers a strong  inve...
Mike Mei
Senior Property Investment Consultant
If you ask a Chinese young pal whether or not he/she knows Mike Mei, the possibility of answer Yes is 90%. Mike is definitely the social king of Melbourne in Chinese community. If you don't know where to find great food, ask him; if you don't know what to do for special days, ask him; if you don't know what property to invest, ask him. He is the best at knowing people's need and match their need with good product. People orientated, considerate, sweet and kind, these are the key words of Mike.